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In 2017, I finally turned my dream into a reality by establishing my boutique. Since the age of 5, I always knew that being creative is my peace. As I got older, I always spent time doing crafts and drawing. Even when I got to highschool, I decided to take Art. That moment of me stepping into my highschool art class made me realize that this is where I wanted to be. I took art every year of highschool because I was able express myself and created what I visualized. Going to college allowed me to really reflect on my life and dig deep into what I felt as to what is my purpose? I always talked about starting my own business but at the time I didnt know how to go about starting. I always wrote out ideas but didnt know how to excute my plans. Finally, going through life and growing, I decided to actually make it happen. Today I am proud to say, " Welcome to RawTrendZ Boutique". With prayer, having faith, and believing in myself, I wanted to create something that was from the heart ♡♡♡. I want to be able to touch the spirits of all innovators, manifestors, and dreamers in their journey to make a statement that stands out from the norm with their own unique styles.


RawTrendZ Boutique provides the rawest merchandise to inspire everytrendsetter's unique style. . RawTrendZ isn't just any ordinary boutique, but a boutique that is authentic and full of FLAVA!!! The Raw represents the realness and originality of the products and the TrendZ is what makes all trendsetters express their own unique fashion statements throughout their lifetime. Having your own sense of fashion is an art. I want people to always be able to express and be themselves and explore their sense of style through the exclusive merchandise we provide.


We are an online boutique with the goal of providing fair prices by delivering exclusive and original merchandise to be able and express the story of your own unique journey and evolve in creating artistic expression which allows you  to manifest your own style throughout your lifetime.

"I just want to let my trendsetters know if you pray and put God & Jesus first in everthing that you will always be successful"